Instagram influencers: A hidden black market

Wikimedia Commons

The rise of social media has enabled a new breed of digital users to emerge where mainly millennials, some now millionaires, are cashing in on posting content online. But this has allowed a black market to emanate  where Instagram influencers are now… Continue Reading

Mexi Clothing – ‘The Wahaca of Fashion’


I sat down with Fraser Bell and Natalia Albin, the co-founders of Mexi Clothing, who despite living  8,941 kilometres apart, are bringing Mexican culture to the heart of European fashion. We were tucked away in the cold winter air at… Continue Reading

China Uncovered: The Economy


After long being ruled by communism, China is now devoted to private enterprise. There are currently 1,590,000 millionaires and 319 billionaires in China, second to only the United States with 565. One thing is for certain: this new superpower is… Continue Reading

China Uncovered: Corruption


China is the world’s most populous country, with 1.3 billion people, yet it’s one of the most secretive and despite a massive government campaign to root out corruption, controversy still exists. Many high profile politicians, businessmen, and officials have been… Continue Reading

Makwala Brings The IAAF And BBC To Breaking Point


The IAAF [International Association of Athletics Federation] have cast a shadow over the World Championships after Isaac Makwala, a sprinter from Botswana, was stopped from competing in the Men’s 400m final. The Botswanan athlete missed Monday’s heats while barred from… Continue Reading

Hong Kong Photo Diary


So I’m officially half way through my trip and one of my best mates from home is joining me for a week in Hong Kong. I can’t believe I’ve already left mainland China… Time flies… But I’m having the time… Continue Reading

London Coffee Festival Vital For Independents


Costa Coffee has its sights set on world domination after they unveiled a £38 million expansion plan. This could potentially have a massive effect on UK based independent coffee businesses, so what are they planning on doing to counteract Costa’s… Continue Reading

Taiwanese Fashion Is Influencing The Western World And This Is Why


Asian consumers have recently become the world’s leaders in the buying of luxury goods, which may come as a surprise because of the whole stigma behind the sweatshops. Credit: FlickrCreativeCommons, Ludovic Lubeigt But what effect is this having on the fashion… Continue Reading

Average London Now Costs £484,000


This article was originally published by The National Student: Earlier this week the Financial Times revealed how houses prices accelerated throughout the latter stages of 2016. UK house prices had been stagnant in the months following the EU referendum,… Continue Reading

Don’t Let Grades Define You


So Christmas has been and gone, the doom and gloom of January is now over and summer will soon be upon us. Hot weather (we hope), shorts and t-shirts and lighter nights, but before the summer holidays can begin exam season… Continue Reading