Hong Kong Photo Diary


So I’m officially half way through my trip and one of my best mates from home is joining me for a week in Hong Kong. I can’t believe I’ve already left mainland China… Time flies… But I’m having the time… Continue Reading

Macau Photo Diary


After Stanley Ho – The King of Gambling – single-handedly transformed Macau’s night scene into one of the world’s greatest, the country has seen an influx of tourists, mainly from across Asia. The ex-Portuguese colony is best known globally as… Continue Reading

Huangshan And Yellow Mountain Photo Diary


After visiting three of China’s biggest and most populated cities, I wanted to experience the countryside and something more scenic for my fourth and final spot. The Yellow Mountain is situated just under an hour away from Huangshan Railway Station,… Continue Reading

Shanghai Photo Diary


The commercial capital of China is home to nearly 30 million people, but its efficiency makes this almost unnoticeable. The social divide is certainly noticeable however and there is little evidence of a middle class. In parts of the city… Continue Reading

Xi’an Photo Diary


Xi’an was a lot different to Beijing in many respects. It wasn’t as well developed, there didn’t seem to be as many people and although Beijing was cheap, Xi’an was even cheaper. There were also fewer westerners and hardly anyone… Continue Reading

Beijing Photo Diary


Beijing isn’t very westernised; at all. The toilets aren’t toilets as we know them but simply holes in the ground. Nobody really speaks English, only a select few, and the government, well let’s just say China isn’t a democracy as… Continue Reading